Feed Additives

About Our Feed Additives

AGRI is the exclusive distributor of Impextraco and HL Hamburger Leistungersfutter GmbH, a Belgium and German company respectively, to supply feed additives and milk replacer for livestock to the Saudi market. Feed additives optimize use of natural resources and contribute to raise animals cost-effectively and sustainably. Our three products, POWER PROTEXION, XTRA –PERFORMANCE and IBEKA Milk Replacer help protect animal’s health and optimize their performance.

Power Protexion

  • Provides functional feed ingredients
  • Ensures food safety
  • Made with the highest quality antioxidants, mould inhibitors, mycotoxin eliminators, salmonella inhibitors, acidifiers, enzymes and prebiotics

Xtra - Performance

  • Enhances nutritional value of feed
  • Enhances performance of animal production

IBEKA Milk Replacer

  • High quality milk replacer for rearing calves, easy to digest
  • Key building blocks of the body
  • Adaptable to different climatic conditions